Second Life Shinto shrine register


Little Yoshiwara Amaterasu Omikami shrine

Shinto school and RP group, priest, priestess, miko. Shinto weddings & rituals performed. Join Yoshiwara Jingu Association group for updates (Shrine Builders - Utayo Yengawa & Anika Deschanel).

Owner: Utayo Yengawa


Okami Inari shrine

Inari is the Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto.

Owner: Inari Ōkami (barren.huszar)


Little Yoshiwara Inari shrine

Shinto Miko Priest Priestess Rice Goddess Religion Japan Worship Rituals School

Owner: Xuemei Yiyuan


Amakuni Inari shrine

Inari is a popular deity with shrines and Buddhist temples located throughout most of Japan. Here is the Inari shrine in SL (Publius/AMAKUNI).

Owner: 和美仮眠好 (kazumi.kaminski)


Kyoto Kagai Hanafusa Okiya Inari shrine

Come join us in modern day Kyoto for an alternative day out. We have all the five districts that educate Geiko/maiko/minarai/shikomi/,geisha,kyoto,japan,okiya,ochaya,nippon,Nihon,Japanese,Karyukai,Okaasan,shrine, Hanafusa,Gion, shopping

Owner: Kikutsuru (miehina)


Ahiru shrine

A Japanese themed Sim. All are welcome to come explore and enjoy our wonderful village. Edo Meiji Japan Asian Geisha Samurai Okiya Kimono Katana Japanese Onsen Sento Sentou Hot Spring Japanese Garden Shinto Shrine Farm

Owner: Esu (setsuko.haiku)


Gion Kobu Hanamachi Karyukai Okiya Ame no uzume no mikoto shrine

First Second Life Hanamachi established in August 2006. Late Edo period sim circa 1867.

Owner: April Cordeaux


UUtopia Benzaiten shrine

A Bonsai Garden with Benzaiten Shinto Shrine, In UUtopia

Owner: Pomona Writer


Kyoto Yasaka Susanoo no mikoto shrine

We are the first sim to Host all 5 of Kyoto's Geisha Disticts with different okiya. Kabuki Theater; Yasaka Shrine; Gion Corner; Maruyama Park All are welcomed to RP here. *Rentals available* Shops & Residential.

Owner: Momoka 百花 (umeko.melune)


Kusanagi shrine

Shinto shrines at the mountaintop, and Japanese garden which features an wooden five-story pagoda. Feel free to visit to see cherry blossoms in the garden. FTL Mainstore is in the sky over the garden so use the teleporter to go.

Owner: Framboise Werribee


Mari-Jingu shrine

The Mari Jingu shrine, dedicated to the venerable Mari-sama, is one of the greatest centres of adoration in Second Life from old times.

Owner: 紅林 茉莉 (marikosuzu)


Tenjin shrine

SL adaptation of Shinto shrine. Purification, prayer, bow, clap, prayer, fortune, meditation. SL Public Land Preserve. Below is Buryat Mongolian ovoo shrine to ancestors..

Owner: Prokofy Neva


Majistral shrine

1 PRIM and LOW Prim Staircase , Stairs, Steps, Stairways ONLY $25Ls CURVED stairs NOW too! (only 2 prims) Spiral Tori gate (1 Prim), Bridges (1 Prim) steps, stone, bridge, staircase, stairs, Shinto is A fundamental connection.

Owner: Teksah Pinazzo


Cat shrine

A relaxing and serene location dedicated to our feline companions. Please come and meditate while petting one of the many kitties that roam the area. :)

Owner: Kulta Hannu


Pino shrine

Swear by the Shinto Shrine that 15% of your sales from this land will be donated every month to the Shrine. Sky: "[TOR] SUNRISE - Wonderzan" Water: "[TOR] Claira"

Owner: Belle (belle.connoisseur)


Bay City Inari shrine

Opened to the public in 2018, and dedicated to Inari Ōkami, a kami of rice, fertility, tea, sake, and almost everything else. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the scenery, pay respects to the kami, or request shrine services.

Owner: Aucenille


Arashiryuu Yashiro shrine

Arashiryuu Yashiro is a working shrine, both in the real world and in Second Life. Kami enshrined and worshipped are Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsuikyomi, Ame-no-Uzume, Sarutahiko, Shastayama (local mountain kami) and Arashi-sama. Kannon-Bosatsu (Kwan Yin) and Amida-Butsu (Amitabha Buddha) are also honored and have enshrinement. Services offered here include o-harae, prayers, and some matsuri. Services are provided largely in English, with norito offered in both Japanese and English. Persons of all shapes, abilities, and genders are welcome. Services are folk Shinto, and are provided by the co-priestesses Amehana Ishtari and Oscelot Haalan.

Owner: Oscelot Haalan


Apo Hachimanguu shrine

History A Apo Hachimanguu (also Apo Hachiman shrine) is a Shinto shrine dedicated to kami Hachiman. kami Hachiman has been prayed to as a Driving safely and Always healthy, harmony and Dreams will come true.

Owner: ken (ken1978taruma)


Katakana shrine

At the Katakana shrine, the local tutelary deity of the KatakanaSIM is worshipped. Every year at january there is a festival organised to honor this deity.

Owner: ɹǝuɔɥo oɥ (rencho.oh)


Otogi Zoushi shrine

This shrine is dedicated to Tenjin Hachioji (Gozutenno). It's called Gion style shrine based on cattle deity. The Gion shrine was abolished over 100 years ago.

Owner: Ashley (mobergm)


USI Nikomi shrine

This shrine is dedicated to Tenjin Hachioji (Gozutenno). It's called Gion style shrine based on cattle deity. The Gion shrine was abolished over 100 years ago.

Owner: Ashley (mobergm)

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