Second Life Shinto shrine register


Kyoto Yasaka Susanoo no mikoto shrine

We are the first sim to Host all 5 of Kyoto's Geisha Disticts with different okiya. Kabuki Theater; Yasaka Shrine; Gion Corner; Maruyama Park All are welcomed to RP here. *Rentals available* Shops & Residential.

Owner: Momoka 百花 (umeko.melune)


Arashiryuu Yashiro shrine

Arashiryuu Yashiro is a working shrine, both in the real world and in Second Life. Kami enshrined and worshipped are Amaterasu, Susanoo, Tsuikyomi, Ame-no-Uzume, Sarutahiko, Shastayama (local mountain kami) and Arashi-sama. Kannon-Bosatsu (Kwan Yin) and Amida-Butsu (Amitabha Buddha) are also honored and have enshrinement. Services offered here include o-harae, prayers, and some matsuri. Services are provided largely in English, with norito offered in both Japanese and English. Persons of all shapes, abilities, and genders are welcome. Services are folk Shinto, and are provided by the co-priestesses Amehana Ishtari and Oscelot Haalan.

Owner: Oscelot Haalan

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